Dear Everyone

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the opening of

T h e   G a r de n    S t ud i o

at Ansegaard Wednesday, July 25th, 2018



Opening of the garden with Ulla Lundsgart
Presentation of music and art that can be experienced around in the garden

Including: Ceramics by Jørgen Hansen

Jørgen Hansen, ceramic artist on an international niveau, lives in Hyllested

Garden art and willow weaving by Bent Vinkler

Bent Vinkler, basket maker and land-art artist on an international niveau, lives in Homå

The Flowerbeds’ Music

written by Rebecca Ryan Thomsen, performed by flautest Susanne Bechmann


Layer cake event, display - and eating
Layer cakes created by painter Ulla Lundsgart 
With this, coffee in the Henhouse


Opening of the Gallery and exhibition with Greg Holden Regan and Agnete Bertram

Greg Holden Regan, Painter, living in Encinitas, California. Has during the month of July been Artist-in-Residence at Ansegaard

Agnete Bertram lives in Copenhagen

Young painter with international niveau. Educated at the Royal Danish Art Academy.
Has along with her art career, directed Ringsted Gallery in Ringsted

 “Flowerbeds’-compositions” premier

Concert with Rebecca Ryan Quartet

Composer Rebecca Ryan Thomsen lives at Ansegaard and writes ongoing music for the garden

The quartet consists of Karoline Skriver, singing and drums, Jesper Riis, trumpet Poul-Erik Jørgensen, bass

and Rebecca Ryan Thomsen, piano

circa 18:30 Evening arrangement

It is wonderful to stay in the garden, while evening and night fall.

The evening can therefore be rounded off with a delicious meal from SMAG on the terrace and around in the garden.
At the fall of darkness, lanterns will be lit in the garden...

One can buy the House wine, beer from Ebeltoft Gårdbryggeri and Cider from Claude Guillou In the case of bad weather, the food will be served in Ulla’s workshop and in the Gallery

It costs 100 kr to visit the garden on this day. Children free entrance.
If one wishes to take part in the afternoon’s arrangement, one pays at the garden gate.

With larger groups, contact Ulla

Price for entrance + dinner in the evening 250 kr, children 50kr
Reservation is necessary at the following link:
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One is welcome to bring along water, drawing pad, picnic blanket, seat cushions, umbrella - and other things that are lovely to have along in the garden.

The gallery and the garden are open the rest of the summer Saturday from 14-17 and Sunday from 11-14 or by appointment

Further information on Facebook The Garden Studio at Ansegaard and

The Next Event is Sunday, August 19th

Birgitte Peüliche painting “The Faroe Islands”

Mette Molic Rimestad dance and Karoline Skriver singing and drums “Duet” and much more.....

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