An act of Remembrance

by composer Karoline Skriver and painter Ulla Lundsgart

we see the piece as a darkroom developing different peoples memories from childhood, 
including the artists´own - thus becoming a collective act of remembrance.

Both the process and the goal is about gathering and expressing a sum of peoples memories.
Memories of a speciel kind - where a more poetic, intense and sensorial awareness
was present in the otherwise everyday life of childhood. We are seeking to express
both the individual recollection and the common denominator of these kinds of memories. 

"Every person is a door half open
 which leads to a room for everybody"

Thomas Tranströmer

we collect memories of a certain intensity, memories of moments or 
conditions that reached beyond the private or biografical experience of the world.

The memories are then used both as inspiration for the creation of 
the paintings and the music and as concrete quotes in the piece.

The project contains:

workshops - gathering collective matherial

Music, composed by Karoline Skriver

Photos from Ullas childhood home, dias scenographi for the musician playing the music by Karoline

Paintings by Ulla after the photos from her childhood home

travelling Exhibition/concert "An Act of remembrance"


(click on photo to enlarge)

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