Whats going on at the Studio right now - 

well - painting flowers as always....

In january 2023 I have also been working on two exhibition projects with artists from The Garden Studio. Here the studio with works in progress by me and 2 Garden Studio painters Niels Bach and Philip Hedegård

project no. 1:"An act of Remenbrance" together with composer Karoline Skriver

Project no. 2: A painting/composing project together with the two savage painters Philip Hedegård and Niels Bach and composer Karoline Skriver

"Sounding Landscapes"

Here the guys and I are painting large sizes in a barn, that a kind farmer has invited us to use!



For years I have dreamed of painting blue colours - ad now finally! - It looks as if they are here!
And the old palet is there as well!
Please feel free to come visit the studio, and my lovely garden as well!


And so Th e   G a r d e n   S t u d i o  was opened!

Almost 150 people showed up and enjoyed the art, the music, the cakes, the garden, and the good company of each other!
Thanks to You that contributed with help, and thanks to You who contributed with joy, enthusiasm,
happiness and curiosity!

For the rest of the summer, the Garden Studio will be open 
saturdays from 2-5 p.m. and sundays from 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
 or after appointment by mail ullalundsgart@icloud.com

Here are some pictures from the party:


 A small gate in to a big and wonderful world.

Be welcome!

speach at the opening:
I found a feather on the forest floor. A bird had dropped it there. a little worn, very very beautiful. And a high-tec instrument!
This feather can make a bird fly. And at the same time, its a piece of art, incredibly fine!

There is in nature, in the air that surrounds us, behind our eyelid when we close theme and dream - a consciousness, an abundance,a beauty that is infinite and completely
beyond our understanding. so much to understand, so much to learn!
It speaks to us constantly. It speaks in the silent eyes of the animals, it speaks in the wind in the trees, it speaks in that art, that is created in the heart of man, it speaks in our dreams
 at night.
Nature is constantly speaking to us.

It is important, that we lesson!


Dear Everyone

It is my great pleasure to invite you to the opening of

T h e   G a r d e n   S t u d i o

Wednesday,  July 25th,  2018
Ansegaard,  Fladstrupvej 33,  8570 Trustrup

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The gallery and the garden are open the rest of the summer Saturday from 14-17 and Sunday from 11-14 or by appointment


Dear visitors at my website!

due to tecnical difficulties it is for the time being not possible for me to uploade new paintings. However! - The Studio is OPEN for visitors, and shows many new paintings!

I hope that the tecnic-problems will soon be solved

KS 2017 Tistrup 
 I participate with 3 large Paintings on the censored Summer Exhibition in Tistrup


Flowers in New York...9 month later.


63" x 79"  Anemone Coronaria et Geum Rivale

63" x 79"  Papaver Rhoeas