"Sensorial Realms"
December 23 - Januar 15

Group Exhibition     Agora Gallery 530 W 25th Street  New York

Januar 8  6 - 8 PM


Merry Christmas and A Happy NewYear !
Spending 6 weeks in New York until January 16th  To paint and exhibit
Here is my studio at PointB worklodge, Brooklyn:
Us phone:  +1.929.235.3121

for sketching and sleeping

 running rute

More Photos comming up..!

Important message to everyone that has contacted me in the period between june and december 2014:
Due to computer crash and incomplete back-up I have lost all korrespondance and costumers information from that period!
Please contact me again, so that You can be added to my customersFile and receive invitations and newsletters!


Summer at the studio -

…After a different spring.

My parents went to the eternal hunting fields, one after the other.

I sat by my fathers bedside from spring to summer, until he died.
Before that, he had taken care of my mother at her sickbed for almost 3 years.
They were married for 59 years.
When death comes in time it is a beautiful and fantastic event.
One feels that even though its a goodbye to this life, it is a birth into the next!
It is an opening to something new, and a great joy, once the body has turned old, and life is used.

And all the paintings I was ready to paint in the spring, I am painting now. Very exciting!
At christmas some of them go to New York.
Also exciting!

All is well that ends well!

and - life goes on!


A day at the Studio



As it is so cold, it is necessary to work at the much-to-small winter studio in the house...
I have to take the paintings outside, in order to get distance and space!

           ... I can feel a good period a head of me!


Karoline Skriver composed an opera for children after the fairytale "The Nightingale" by H.C.Andersen, wonderful music! - and I made the Scenographic, using Chinese ink paintings and clay lions and clay dragons that the children made in my art classes, up to the Theater project. 

And all the children at "skolen.com" performed the opera beautifully!

For Karoline and me, it is a wish from the heart to invite grown-ups into the fantastic and poetic reality of children, which is in fact the real reality of all human beings! - A fact that we human beings so catastrophically seem to have forgotten.

foto: Cecilie Andersen

foto: Cecilie Andersen

foto: Jakob Vinkler

foto: Jakob Vinkler