About my work

I regard myself as a modern Danish romantic Golden Age painter.
The relationship between the abstract three dimensional and the concrete three dimensional is the pivotal point for my artistic work.
The relationship between that which we see and the reality that lies behind!
In my pictures, I describe how everything in nature is inspired and originates from – or is an expression of an underlying structure or connection.  In the Golden Age one called it God or spirit.
Nature is precise and three dimensional.  The detail describes the whole and vice versa.  I am inspired by the Golden Age painters’ humility in the descriptions of subjects’ details and substance, and attempt to live in accordance with their method.

Ulla Lundsgart
J. Th. Lundbye - 1843

When I begin a picture, my head is empty; no ideas, no plans.
I start the picture by making an abstract base.  I throw the colors on, and use the water to let the color flow around on the canvas.
Every movement is completely spontaneous and apparently random, but when I am in my painting flow, I can feel that there are no accidents even when I splatter and throw the color on the canvas.
It is as if everything arranges itself after an underlying structure and there is connection in all the randomness.  Each drop of paint falls where it should.
When the base has become its own reality, when it has become three dimensional, the concrete reality turns up in the form of flowers.
The flowers are painted as portraits, as an expression for a consciousness.


Flowers are the plants’ sexual organs.  They express instinctivity, sexuality and sensuality.
They are unnecessarily beautiful.
They are simple symbols of the creative dimension’s extravagance and abundance, and nature’s eternal desire to express itself and sublimate.

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